About Ruth Mary Jewellery

Ruth Mary Jewellery began with an idea to unite hand-stitched lace with precious metal, creating luxury pieces of jewellery for forward-thinking woman.

Ruth Chipperfield

Its founder Ruth Mary Chipperfield believes the best designs are created in three-dimensions, with the next generation in mind. So what better way is there than to expertly hand-stitch a design in silk thread, then give it a magical transformation into something even more beautiful in solid precious metal? Ruth only works in precious metals, namely gold, silver and platinum.

The online boutique has collections designed to add affordable luxury to your everyday outfits. Sterling silver is the starting point, but if you’re more of a gold wearer, you can choose to have your pieces in silver gilt.

The Ruth Mary bespoke service gives you something particularly special in either gold or platinum or silver. Ruth takes a creative approach with each project and takes the time to get to know you as a person. Your story is the greatest inspiration for your future heirloom, through which your story can be retold to future generations. You may even choose to commission a bespoke piece of gold lace jewellery to match the lace on your wedding dress, for example adding a deep blue sapphire from your great-grandma’s engagement ring.

Jewellery is about creating memories through extraordinarily unique pieces that are worth talking about. 

Ruth Mary Jewellery is a member of the National Association of Jewellers