The Art of Lacemaking


I've always been fascinated by lace and the manipulation of fine threads to create details on couture wedding dresses and historical costume. I used to spend hours at antique fairs, finding that perfect piece of vintage lace to add to my collection."

"The big shift came when I visited an antique fair just outside the scenic Worcestershire town of Malvern - the perfect setting to stumble across an almost forgotten technique for lacemaking. My mum had introduced me to a world of lace, so when she pointed to a curious little object used to make it, I took notice. It was a tatting shuttle. This humble tool opened up a whole world of luxury lace jewellery - hand stitched and reborn in solid silver and solid gold.

See the tatting shuttle in action, via the video.



As lacemakers around the world have discovered my work, I've enjoyed giving them the opportunity to make their very own lace jewellery. So if you've got a piece of lace (perhaps even a piece your grandma made), then get in touch and commission its rebirth in solid sterling silver, or even solid gold!


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That’s an interesting way to make chains into rings. Not seen it before. Does it make it easier to make the moulds for the metals?


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