What jewellery to wear in hot weather

Have you been loving the sunshine or are you now asking yourself "how long will this heatwave last"? According to the Met Office, there will be plenty more hot weather to come this summer, so here's your guide on what to wear in the heatwave.

Earrings will be your best friend

Earrings are perfect in hot weather, because there's almost no contact with your skin. So you're not going to get irritated by them and have them clinging to you. Shop the look above here.

Pearls - the cool classic

Pearls feel cool to the touch. So even if you're feeling the heat, a pearl necklace or bracelet won't cling to you in the same way. However, bear in mind that wearing pearls in hot weather means they will need restringing sooner, as the oils from your skin will be absorbed by the thread.

The bigger the pearls, the less this happens, because it's the pearls, not the thread, that will have the most contact with your skin. If you're choosing between a bracelet and a necklace, go for the bracelet, as your wrist area doesn't sweat as much as your neck and chest area.

Shop pearl bracelet

Shop pearl necklace

Brooches and hair jewels

These pieces are your ultimate best friends in hot weather, because they won't come into contact with your skin at all! Brooches and hair jewellery are currently only available on commission. So get in touch or find out more about bespoke jewellery.

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