Spotted! Katherine Jenkins sports Ruth Mary earrings

Katherine Jenkins Earrings and Jewellery

Katherine Jenkins was a guest at Pierce Morgan’s Christmas party wearing her Two-tone Geo-earrings by Ruth Mary Jewellery.

The glamorous opera singer wore a white V-neck coat, a shape which was perfectly echoed by her geometric earrings. Katherine Jenkins is fortunate to look good in both gold and silver jewellery, both complimenting her skin tone and she is no stranger to sparkle. Yet she knows how to get just the right amount of bling, without going overboard. The sparkly texture of her earrings owe their legacy to Ruth Mary’s innovative lace jewellery making technique.

Katherine’s Geo-earrings are part of the DECO collection, inspired by the glamour of the Art Deco era, in which geometric shapes crossed from decorative arts into fashion. The era also brought the famous flapper dress with a new level of embroidered detail.

Vintage lacemaking tatting and needle lace cotton spool

Inspired by this detail, each little geometric shape began life with a needle and thread. One stitch at a time, the hand stitched lace motif was born and with a sprinkle of magic, transformed into solid sterling silver with beautiful gold plated accents. From start to finish, Ruth Mary Jewellery pieces are designed and handcrafted in the Birmingham/ Solihull area in England.

Shop the Two-tone Geo-earrings below, check out the DECO collection for matching pieces of Art Deco inspired jewellery or commission your own BESPOKE design in gold or platinum.

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