This is couture lace, reborn in precious metal

Original handcrafted lace cast in solid sterling silver to create beautiful textured jewellery

The process

It all starts with handmade original lace designs - humble thread transformed by the maker's touch. But this is just the beginning of the journey.

To capture its intricate texture, each lace design has a mould created. This mould is used to cast this lace in solid precious metal - and after some meticulous benchwork, the jewellery is born.

Every piece made by Ruth Mary Jewellery is a sculpture formed of solid sterling silver or gold, with the lace detail beautifully preserved. 


Commissioning an independent creative jeweller

handmade lace cast in 9 carat gold

We pride ourselves on undertaking a highly diverse range of jewellery commissions - and we certainly relish the challenge. Perhaps you've had a long-considered idea for a unique bespoke item - why not get in touch to find out if Ruth Mary Jewellery can turn your dream into reality?