Turn your own lace into solid silver jewellery

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Do you want to make your own silver lace jewellery?

Well, now you can, and it couldn't be simpler. You make a piece of 'tatting lace' or 'needle lace', and Ruth Mary and her small team of experts will transform it into your chosen piece of solid sterling silver jewellery. We make a mould around every piece of lace, and after removing the lace from the mould, molten silver is poured in. Prices vary according to the size of your chosen lace design, and are as follows:

Little Lace Package: £150

Create a little lace motif measuring up to 1 inch across. Then choose to have it transformed into a pendant, bracelet, brooch or a statement ring.

Medium Lace Package: £200

Create a medium lace motif measuring up to 1.5 inches across. Then choose to have it transformed into a pendant, bracelet or brooch.
Create two little lace motifs measuring up to 1 inch across and we transform them into a pair of earrings.

Large Lace Package - £250

Create a large lace motif measuring up to 2 inches across. Then choose to have it transformed into a pendant or a brooch.
Tatted lace jewelry

What else does each package include?

We understand that it takes a lot of time to make a piece of lace. So you will receive a card with the before and after pictures of your lace and jewellery, so you can share the experience with your friends and family, like in the real-life example below.

tatting lace silver jewelry 

You will be guided through the process

Ruth Mary is the person behind the brand and she will guide you through every step of the process. So to begin your journey from lace to silver, contact her via info@ruthmary.com or (+44) 02476 263 707

To make sure your lace is suitable, here are a few tips

  • Use size 30, 40 or 50 thread
  • Make your picots as small as possible. You may want to consider using a smaller crochet hook when you do your joins, to make sure your picots don't stretch
  • Try not to leave any space between rings and/ or chains in your pattern.