Ruth Meets Royal Crown Jeweller

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to meet and learn from renowned Master Polisher and former Crown Jeweller, Stephen Goldsmith.

Who is Stephen Goldsmith?

Originally Master Polisher for the Crown Jewellers Asprey & Garrards, Stephen Goldsmith’s work can be seen in museums and palaces worldwide, as well as prestigious events like Wimbledon. As a former Crown Jeweller and gold polishing expert, Stephen has been the caretaker of many famous jewellery and precious metal pieces, notably the Crown Jewels for the Royal Family, at the Tower of London and Wimbledon trophies before they are given out to the champions!

An Interview with Stephen!

You can only imagine my excitement when I went to a polishing course led by Stephen to take my polishing skills to the next level. I learnt so much from him and was delighted that he agreed to feature in an interview with me (with a little heckling from onlookers for good measure!). Watch the video here: 


The Art of Polishing 

From my custom jewellery work at Ruth Mary Jewellery, I know that polishing is a complex and delicate process which takes a lifetime to master. It was impressive to discover that not only had Stephen mastered this art, but he was able to deliver his best work in the most pressured circumstances. Under the scrutiny and watch of the armed guard, Stephen was part of a team that carried out his work in the Tower of London’s Jewel House, maintaining a collection of 100+ objects and over 23,000 gemstones for the British Monarchy.

Stephen Goldsmith is *the guru* when it comes to polishing. Contrary to what you might think, polishing precious metals is a detailed and intricate process that takes time and skill to perfect. It's not just the icing on the cake of jewellery making. It’s also a very messy process, which is why you won’t see jewellers with nice manicured nails!

A Labour of Love & Traditional Craftsmanship

As I soaked up the tips of expertise from the polishing course, I felt so inspired listening to Stephen's stories - the passion behind the mastery was visible and it was clear that he loved his work. I could see it on his face when he was remembering the different pieces he had worked on. Every challenge was faced with complete devotion and Stephen was passionate about bringing out the beauty of every piece!

I’m a huge fan of traditional craftsmanship. This has often been overlooked in recent decades, but there are no shortcuts when it comes to creating and maintaining pieces of luxury jewellery. 

As a Jeweller, this traditional craftsmanship is something I feel passionate about. The traditional approach to learning from master craftsmen is a rare opportunity these days but one that I was delighted to embrace on this course. The labour of love deeply resonates and represents exactly how I feel about my work at Ruth Mary Jewellery. 

When a client brings a valuable piece of jewellery and entrusts me with their memories, it's never just a job, it's a labour of love: a love of bringing out the beauty in every project.

Repairing Tarnished or Damaged Jewellery

If you have a favourite item of jewellery that has become tarnished or damaged, perhaps it simply needs a little love! I would love to bring it back to its former glory for you. I offer a full range of repairs - you can send some pictures of your jewellery to and we'll start a conversation about bringing it back to life! 

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Watch the Video Interview with Stephen

It was such an amazing experience to interview Stephen Goldsmith. I have included the fascinating 11 minute video with Stephen - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Watch the whole story:

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