Luxury Christmas - His and hers Snowflakes

Luxury Snowflakes Christmas Decorations

Inspired by the debonair gentleman who falls hopelessly in love with a young ballet dancer after seeing her perform in the Nutcracker Suite at London's Royal Opera House. As their Christmas becomes entangled in romance, the season culminates in the couple exchanging a 'His and Hers' luxury snowflake, each becoming one a magical token of their love.

This pair of snowflakes showcases traditional hand-stitched lace, reborn with a precious metal twist. Each snowflake is made of solid sterling silver, adorned with freshwater pearls and finished with hand-spun silk.

Luxury Christmas Decorations

Yet in a world of fantasy, nothing is quite how it seems. Can you spot what is surreal about the luxury his and hers snowflakes?

The answer: 'His and Hers' snowflakes have defied the laws of symmetry.

 £820.00 PER PAIR (approx three weeks for delivery)



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