What jewellery to wear to reach your career goals

Jewellery for Graduation

"Perception is reality" - and that's only the beginning

Love it or hate it, visual perceptions matter. This blog isn't about the #metoo movement, feminism or women's rights. When you meet a new client or colleague, they've made a judgement about you, faster than they know about it. That's because their subconscious mind is 0.4 seconds faster than their conscious mind. So how do you project a positive image?

Style is about you, not what you wear. If a skirt looks beautiful on the hanger but every time you wear it, you're beating yourself up about your waistline, leave it on the hanger - preferably in the shop. So firstly, make sure you feel comfortable in your work clothes. Then it's time to build a sophisticated jewellery collection that showcases your character. 

Calm and Consistent

Pearls and lace forget me not necklace

When everyone around you is stressing, you're the calm person who quietens the office storm. If that sounds like you and your sophistication demeanour is not easily rattled, then the pearl forget-me-nots from The Classics collection are for you. We suggest you pair the sophisticated Pearl Forget-me-not Garland with the incredibly versatile Pearl Forget-me-not studs.


Are you fearless when you face obstacles and determined to reach the other side no matter what? Are you somebody who spots a crisis and tackles it head-on with a laser focus? Then the Geo Earrings and Geo Necklace were made for you. You wouldn't even think of playing nice when something bigger is at stake. 


Cosmic Revolution Necklace

You know what's coming before anyone else, and you can tell instantly what motivates your colleagues. You understand that life isn't just about what you do, but why you do it. So reach for the stars with Orbit Earrings and Cosmic Revolution necklace

Never ordinary

You're light hearted and you see the funny side of everything. You're the life and soul of the party and the glue that keeps your team at work together. So we recommend an asymmetrical show piece like the Paisley Necklace with the Entwined Earrings and Entwined Bracelet.


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