Bridal Hair Accessories

Silver lace hair pin

Ruth Mary has designed a set of unique lace bridal hair accessories, which go far beyond a stunning hair-do for your wedding day. You can now have hair jewellery transformed into a necklace and earrings set to wear on repeat for years to come! 

The luxury hair jewellery is currently only available via private commissions, but it's versatility is what makes these beauties stand head and shoulders above any accessories you may seen in a bridal boutique.

Silver lace bridal accessory

Each hair pin consists of four components. The outermost silver lace is made of solid sterling silver and looks just like its original hand stitched prototype. Above it is an intricate little silk flower - hand stitched from start to finish, so you can choose the colour to match your bridesmaid dresses or bring in something blue. Above the silver and the lace sits the freshwater pearl which attaches to almost any hair pin and keeps all four pieces attached to each other.

Bridal hair pin jewellery

It's a genius idea, because you can have them transformed into a pair of earrings and a necklace after your big day! So give Ruth a call or email her to discuss your own bespoke bridal hair jewellery.

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