Bespoke wedding and engagement ring designer

Aquamarine and diamond wedding ring

When my own sister, Anna, decided to get engaged and married during lockdown, I was thrilled to design a set of bespoke rings for her. She wanted something unusual and modern but still timeless in style, and was clear that she wanted to get away from the ordinary solitaire diamond engagement ring.

She wanted either a pink or turquoise stone for the engagement ring and so together, we chose a beautiful Fairtrade aquamarine as the centre stone. Aquamarines are hard and durable and so are ideal for engagement rings which are going to be worn everyday. Tourmalines also come in beautiful shades of turquoise and pink and many hues in between, but they aren't as durable as aquamarines and so I advised towards either a sapphire or an aquamarine.

3D rendering of bespoke engagement and wedding rings

Next, we went about designing the style and shape of the wedding and engagement ring. Because Anna wanted a contemporary look, I designed the ring using 3D software (pictured above), which is also great for visualising the jewellery before it's made.

The great thing about designing engagement and wedding rings at the same time is you can get them to sit really nicely together, as well looking great in their own right. However – if you're considering a bespoke wedding ring, but already have your engagement ring, fear not, because there's always a creative way to get the two to look fabulous together.

Aquamarine and diamond wedding rings

Finally, I selected the diamonds to go with the aquamarine. Every single stone in both rings is Fairtrade (fairmined), therefore the workers have good working conditions, healthcare, and their children get a good education.

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