How to get your ring resized

Can my ring be resized? Read our comprehensive guide on ring sizes, with a helpful ring size conversion chart. Discover the top reasons why your ring size may increase with age and which rings can and cannot be resized.

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Finding the ideal ring is a joyous occasion, but sometimes your fingers can change size and it might not be because you've lost or gained weight. Hormonal changes, water retention and temperature fluctuations can also play a big part.

If your rings become uncomfortable, it's best to get them resized as soon as possible, so you don't risk losing it or having to have it cut off because it's stuck on your finger and no amount of soap and ice cold water will dislodge it.

How do I find out my ring size?

You need professional ring sizers to accurately measure your ring size. 

Ring sizing in person: make an appointment to see Ruth at her studio, where she will measure your ring size and discuss the ring you would like resizing.

Ring sizers by post: you can request a set of ring sizers by post, which you can then return to Ruth with the ring you would like resized.

Ring sizes differ depending on where you live, just like shoe sizes! If you need to convert your ring size to a UK size, check out our Ring Size Chart.

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How much will it cost?

Each repair is different, so you won't find a pricelist on this site, although Ruth Mary Jewellery does have a minimum repair charge of £50. To get an estimate, contact Ruth via email or WhatsApp with a picture and she will be able to give you an estimate.

"Breaking my hand resulted in my wedding ring being cut off my finger. When Ruth began the restoration, she was professional, efficient and kind. My traumatic experience was resolved by Ruth's working empathy and ability...which was, frankly...wonderful." - Sian

How long will it take?

More complex repairs and ring resizes can take up to 4 weeks, whereas some may only take a few days. Just ask for a time estimate when you enquire.

How are rings resized?

Plain wedding rings: There are lots of ways to resize rings. Plain wedding bands can usually be stretched from the inside or compressed from the outside. However, if the ring is extremely thin, which is often the case with very old rings, a different approach is needed. In this case the ring is checked for existing solder lines and cut, to allow extra metal to be inserted and soldered in place, or in the case of reducing the ring size, a section of metal is removed before the join is resoldered.

Engagement rings: Engagement rings and other gemstone rings can be resized by either stretching the ring band at the back (if it's thick enough) or resized by cutting the band and either removing or adding a section of metal. Whenever a ring is resized, Ruth looks at the overall condition of the ring. If it looks like a diamond could fall out in future, she can let you know before it happens and the claws can be repaired at the same time as the resize.

Eternity rings: Eternity rings and rings with diamonds and gemstones set along the band need a little special consideration when resizing. In some cases eternity rings can't be made smaller as the gemstones would fall out of their settings. 

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What if something goes wrong? 

Ruth works with a lot of very sentimental pieces, so if you feel nervous about handing over your rings, you're not alone. Ruth Mary Jewellery has a policy of always looking at the overall condition of the ring in order to prevent wear and tear causing a break in the future - such as gemstones falling out due to worn claws.

Ruth will take the time to explain the risks involved in resizing your rings, so that you know what to expect.

What do I need to know beforehand? 

Nothing. If the thing stopping you having your rings resized (or any other jewellery repaired) is because you're not sure where to start, then rest assured that Ruth will walk you through the process. She will ask you a number of questions, but it's never a problem if you're not sure about the answers.

Why does Ruth Mary Jewellery do repairs? 

In her own words:

"I just love seeing the delight on people's faces when a treasured piece of jewellery is restored. In my early days as a jewellery designer I didn't do repairs and actually it's quite rare for designers to do so, but in recent years I've become known for repairing jewellery which other jewellers refuse.

It's because I love meeting new people and hearing the stories behind each piece of jewellery. From a business perspective, it builds trust and often people who have had something repaired, later return to commission a bespoke piece. This is often an heirloom redesign, as they've come to trust me with other precious jewellery pieces."

Ring Size Chart

Ring size chart: convert your ring size between UK, EU and USA ring sizes
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