A trip to Number 10 Downing Street

We were thrilled that Ruth Mary Jewellery was chosen among the top 100 UK small businesses by the Small Business Saturday team. However, the excitement didn’t end there. Our creative director Ruth Mary was even invited to Number 10 Downing Street for a celebratory event in late November.

Speaking about the experience, Ruth says: “The best bit was walking into Downing Street and through the iconic door, which I’ve seen on TV so many times. Once inside the house, I was hugely inspired by the décor and all the amazing antique furniture. I would have loved to take one of the chaise longue back to my studio with me. And sadly, the Downing Street cat Larry was not present (and neither was Mrs May herself). However, I did get the chance to hula hoop outside Number 10!" (Hoop generously lent by the 'Hoop Guy’, one of the other finalists.)

We would have loved to get Theresa May wearing some of our rose gold jewellery. Politicians communicate in subtle ways with what they wear, and Mrs May is no exception. We noted with interest that she began wearing chunky chain necklaces on the day of the tragic Westminster attacks of 2017 - a day when she needed to communicate strength and resilience.

Rose gold jewellery (as pictured above) is particularly popular amongst millennials at the moment. We think, that by adding a piece or two to her collection, Mrs May could subtly communicate to young voters that she is not distant, but understands them.

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