Paisley necklace


You'll be very familiar with the shape of this piece, which no doubt you'll recognise as paisley - and you're right. But before the industrious Scottish weavers manufactured the patterns which are now synonymous with the name of their town, the motif was known as the 'boteh'. 

This tear drop shape is believed to have originated in ancient Babylon, symbolising the growing shoot of a date palm. The weavers of Paisley produced their interpretation of the patterns found on imported Indian textiles, especially those originating in Kashmir.


This is Ruth Mary's own, unique interpretation of that motif, which was initially handcrafted in lace, before it was cast to produce the solid sterling silver pendant. The texture and legacy of the lace is retained wonderfully. Polished to a brilliant shine, it is suspended from a sterling silver rope chain.

Paisley necklace comes beautifully presented in its case, complete with the Ruth Mary Jewellery logo printed on the inner satin lining.

Product specifications

  • Pendant: 4 cm high, 2.5 cm wide.
  • Chain: 51 cm long, plus 5 cm extension.
  • As this piece is below 7.78 grams, it is exempt from being hallmarked. Click here for more information on hallmarking.


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