What can you do with a loved one's wedding ring, after they pass away?

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How to rework an old wedding ring into a necklace

A story, more precious than words.

Jean was married to Stuart for 44 years before he passed away. The young couple chose a simple white gold wedding ring for him, which he wore for the entire 44 years, as they experienced the ups and downs of marriage (I’m assuming there were ups and downs, because this isn’t a fairytale, but a true story).

Jean kept Stuart’s ring safely in a drawer for some time after he died, before she felt ready to build on the memories they shared. Stuart spent many years running the Weavers Guild. So I designed a necklace for Jean to wear, to remind her of these treasured memories. The woven detail was created using fine 9 carat gold wire to reflect his time at the guild.

Like many in her generation, Jean doesn't use the internet, so we corresponded by post, exchanging several letters with sketches and ideas, which we then discussed on the phone. If you look closely at the wedding ring - turned necklace, you will see many dents and scratches still visible on the surface of the wedding band. It felt fitting to leave these in. I didn't want the ring to look like Stuart had never worn it. Each mark represents as much of their 44 year marriage together, as the ring itself.

Jean phoned me after her necklace arrived in the post. She sounded tearful, but they were happy tears. "It's more than I could have imagined", she told me, "I'm wearing a stripy jumper, so the necklace doesn't go, but I just don't want to take it off".

late husband's wedding ring made into a necklace with gold woven detail

If you would like to transform a piece of jewellery from a loved one, I would be truly honoured to be part of your story. Just get in touch via phone or email to have an initial chat.

A few comments on hallmarking 

Turning a ring into a necklace represents a 'change of use', which legally requires permission from the Assay Office. This is the case for any precious metal object bearing a UK hallmark. Once permission was granted for this piece, a certificate was issued and the issue number carefully engraved onto the inside of Stuart's original wedding ring.

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