Lacemakers - a rare breed of tatters

Silver Tatting Shuttle

Lacemaking used to be a common skill, but over recent decades, it's become a rarity. Nonetheless if you're lucky enough to know someone with the skill of lacemaking, it's worth watching them at work. One of Ruth Mary's favourite lacemaking techniques is called tatting. The silk or cotton is wound around the central shaft of a shuttle and the knotting can begin. Above is an example of a tatting shuttle. It's a real showpiece, hand cut from sterling silver sheet metal and hand engraved in her studio. Whilst it's a little too elaborate to use, you can see this spectacular shuttle in action in the video below. It's recently attracted a lot of interest from lacemakers on social media, so watch this space. The first luxury and user-friendly tatting shuttle will be available to order online soon. However, if you can't wait, get in touch to commission a bespoke design.

Are you a part of the rare breed of 'tatters'? Then head over to the Lacemakers Corner, curated specially for you.

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