Birmingham gets its very own Banksy

Banksy comes to Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, but no one is talking about the possible hidden meaning behind his (or her??) graffiti art! Is that because it’s uncomfortable?
A BANKSY painting was spotted on Vyse Street in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. The graffiti artist confirmed it’s genuine with an Instagram post saying “God bless Birmingham”.
There’s much talk across social media about how this piece highlights the plight of the homeless, but are we missing another message?

Banksy could have chosen anywhere in Birmingham. Is it coincidence, that Banksy chose the jewellery quarter, the centre of an industry in which wealth and poverty collide?

I could make this blog post more comfortable to write, by telling you all about the ethical choices I make as a designer, but I think I would be missing the point.

Banksy has given the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham a great gift. But this gift comes with a hidden question. How can I, as a member of the jewellery industry do better?
It’s something I will discuss in blog posts to come...
Banksy in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

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