Jewellery photo shoot and inner beauty September 28 2015, 0 Comments

Countdown to the Photo Shoot

Planning a jewellery photo shoot can be a little nerve racking. Everything and everyone has to come together at the right time, and when it does, the result is a show of collaborative talent and exquisitely crafted beauty. Prior to the shoot, each jewellery piece has to be ready and polished to perfection for the model to showcase. So many decisions have to be made along the way, not just regarding the hair and beauty of each model, but also the location of the shoot, how long each section will take, what feel the pictures should have, etc. These were all things I had to carefully consider together with my excellent photographer Silvena Toncheva, from Love heart Photo, and hair stylist Jane Ward from Chez Titine Salon. The two participating models were my friend Samantha Aumonier and myself. By modelling some of the jewellery myself, the aim was to give the brand that personal touch.

The Secret to Modelling

Modelling is as much about internal beauty as external beauty and styling. Silvena always ensures her models feel comfortable and relaxed, but inner confidence takes a little longer to develop. It’s about loving yourself and the way you were created. Whether or not you look in the mirror and zoom in on the ‘imperfections’ you see really does matter. Countering these thoughts is difficult and requires practice. Next time you look in the mirror, why not take a step back and take the time to enjoy the things you like about yourself? Have you ever noticed that women (and men) who appear most confident are in reality often not confident at all? This is because how you view yourself is not dependent on whether you are an introvert of an extrovert. Inner beauty comes from the mind, and takes time to rise to the surface.