5 tips every bride should read before choosing wedding jewellery

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Silver lace bridal jewellery, by Ruth Mary

Tip 1: Choose something you can wear again 

Aside from your wedding rings, your bridal jewellery is the one piece (or pieces) that you can wear again and again. So what's best to choose?

Naturally, we will always recommend pieces from our own ready-to-wear collection! Our precious metal lace sparkles in the light as a result of its intricate texture - a legacy from the original hand stitched lace. Pair our pieces with your wedding dress and you will evoke a real sense of glamour. Of course, our jewellery can also be worn with something smart or even casual - it will simply lift your whole outfit to a whole new level of stylishness.

Tip 2: Don’t leave it until the last minute!

It's so often the case that bridal jewellery shopping is left to the last minute. When this happens, you can get situations where members of the bride's family are suggesting she wears their own pieces for her “something borrowed” - and her taste may not match theirs. It’s much easier to decline an offer without fear of offending when you have an idea of what you want well in advance.

Tip 3: Go for something timeless

    Timeless jewellery is best, because it never goes out of fashion. Our precious metal lace embodies this principle. Lace has remained in fashion for hundreds of years, so you’re bound to find a future heirloom in the Ruth Mary collection.

    Tip 4: Avoid anything made of twisted wire and beads

    It’s so easy to get swept up in wedding fever when shopping for your wedding dress. Not all jewellery you see in bridal galleries are of the highest quality though. Avoid anything that is made primarily of twisted wire and beads – even if those beads are pearls. You will see this type of jewellery in many bridal galleries and it tends not to last. The wire can also easily snag on delicate fabrics like lace and organza. 

    Tip 5: Create your own story 

      The jewellery industry is becoming more and more like the art world. Gone are the days when the metal and stones were the only factor determining the value of a piece. Design now plays a big role and so does the story. To get the best story and increase the future heirloom value, commission a bespoke piece. If you’re going for a lace wedding dress, Ruth Mary can even design your bridal jewellery to match!

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